GEELY Emgrand EC7

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GEELY Emgrand EC7 18
GEELY Emgrand EC7 18  2009 2022
2009 2022

EELY EMGRAND EC718, is elaborately designed and created through three years’ cooperation of GEELY and international famous companies.
It is an authentic “global car”, for its absolute compliance with Euro Standards enables it to meet the requirements of the highest technical standards and the strictest regulations. And in all the aspects, including the “aesthetics, power, comfort, intelligence, safety, environmental protection and quality”, Geely’s 10 years’ experience in car manufacturing are represented with the latest technique and highest level. And the core brand value of EMGRAND, “Chinese intelligence, Universal quality”, gets manifested on it.

As to its appearance, EMGRAND EC718 collects together the outstanding points of various excellent models. It is 4,635 mm long, 1,789 mm wide and 1,470 mm high, and its wheelbase is 2,650 mm, primarily the mainstream dimensions at its vehicle grade. It looks stable and generous as well as fashionable and dynamic. A dynamic, stable and integral body frame is outlined by three characteristic lines, thoroughly displaying a distinct theme and appropriate harmony.

As to its comfortable level, its 2650 mm wheelbase makes EMGRAND outstanding, and provides it with generous interior space. Its interior trims are beige and gray, comforting the user’s eyes. And its backlight is dark blue, offering the user tranquil and clean feelings. No matter its tiny parts, such as the soft wiper blade and the single common button for anti-pinch window lift control, or its components, such as its four airbags and two side air curtains, as well as its skylight, navigation, automatic air conditioner and its feather seats, are all in high-end configurations. The idling noise inside the car is only 39 db, comparing favorably with other car makers.

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