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PORSCHE 928   1978 1982
1978 1982

The 928 was the first Porsche with a V8 engine.
It was unveiled at the 1977 Geneva Motor Show and sales started later that year. It was the first GT car built by Porsche.

The 928 was the brainchild of Ernst Fuhrman, a former Managing director from Porsche. He convinced the owner, Ferdinand Porsche, that the company needs a new lineup and, in 1971, a design study was started. The final product featured a transaxle layout, with the engine up front and the gearbox in the rear, to obtain a 50/50 weight distribution. The hood, the front fenders, and the doors were made of aluminum.

The exterior was like a GT, with a long and flat hood, a 2+2 cabin, and a big window for the tailgate. One of the most characteristic features of the car were the pop-up headlights. They were exposed and tilted back when they were not needed and tilted forward to a vertical level when they were lit.

Inside, the 928 featured bolstered seats in the front and two seats in the rear. The center tunnel was big, due to the gearbox placed in the back. The instrument cluster was different than the one found in the 911. Since it was a luxury GT, it was fitted with the comfort features of that time, including air-conditioning.

The engine was a water-cooled V8 engine and the car was so advanced that it was voted “Car of the Year 1978” in Europe. It was the only sports car ever awarded with the prestigious title. Apart from the transaxle system, the car featured a so-called Weissach axle, that corrected the rear track, to allow higher cornering speeds. The four-wheel independent suspension and the disc-brakes in all corners helped in stopping power. Even though it was the most expensive car in Porsche’s lineup, the 928 successfully ran on the production line for 18 years, with constant updates.

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