Turkish Leader Unveils Prototypes of First Domestic Car of Turkey

The Turkish President has unveiled prototypes of the first domestic
vehicle and two domestic electric vehicle prototypes expected to begin production in 2022. Produced 5 models in 15 years.

Gurkan Karakasi, head of the Turkish Automobile Cooperation Group (TOGG), a
automobile development consortium, said that work on the sedan of the C-segment, Turkey’s first domestic car, began on Friday.

TOGG plans to launch five models by 2030.

At an event in Gebze, northwest Turkey, Erdogan displayed a model of SUV and sedan, now known as TOGG, after a consortium of Turkish companies that will produce the …

Fiat And Peugot 50:50 Merger Now Officially Finalized

Official: The merger of the two auto giants will take effect on January 16, 2021.

The merger of Groupe PSA and FCA is complete, making the company the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer by revenue. Carlos Tavares, former head of PSA, will lead the newly formed company as CEO, with other senior positions to be confirmed in the coming days.

The name Stellantis comes from the Latin “stello” meaning “to shine with the stars.” According to the most recent sales data, annual production of Stellantis is 8.7 million units, second only to the Volkswagen Group, Toyota and Renault-Nissan Alliance. The newly …

Designer Who Created The Delorean And James Bond's Underwater Car

Few designers have been as influential in the creation of modern automobiles as Giorgetto Giugiaro. In his 64-year career, he has designed some of the most successful and influential cars in history, from 4,444 unique exotics to the popular SUVs he still drives at the age of 81.

The Origins of the Delorean Style

Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro is the most successful and influential car in history. This is the concept of the 1969 Alfa Romeo iguana, one of the cars inspired by DeLorean Giugiaro’s design ten years later, along with the 1970 Porsche Tapiro concept.

Birth Of The Legend

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