BMW 2800 CS

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BMW 2800 CS E9
BMW 2800 CS  E9 1968 1971
1968 1971

BMW launched the 2800 CS model in 1968.
Designed by Alex von Falkenhausen, this 2-door coupe addressed the sporty-type of drivers and was used by the German manufacturer as inspiration for several racing models throughout the late ’60s. This Coupe Sport version featured a redesigned front end and a one-of-a-kind C-pillar while fitted with a 170-hp 2.8L SOHC 6-cylinder engine. This unit was mated to either a 4-speed manual transmission or a 3-speed ZF automatic gearbox. Three years after its launch, the 2800 Coupe Sport was replaced by the 3.0 CS, still based on the E9 automobile platform but receiving a larger 3.0L engine.

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