FIAT 130 Coupe

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FIAT 130 Coupe 130 3200 Coupe
FIAT 130 Coupe 130 3200 Coupe  1971 1972
1971 1972

When the 130 was introduced, it had 2 body style, a saloon and a coupe.
They shared the same platform but the coupe was designed by Pininfarina which made it quite different from the saloon.

The coupe was even more luxurious than the saloon, especially when it came to the interior, where it featured wood veneer, seats shaped by Paolo Martin and Giovanni Gottin, round dials with white needles (the sedan had rectangular dials), fiber optic illuminated switches and fully adjustable steering wheel column.

The Fiat 130 Coupe was produced until 1977 when the total number of cars produced reached 4294.

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