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HONDA Accord Type R
HONDA Accord Type R   1998 2005
1998 2005

The arrival of a new generation Honda Accord wasn’t something the power-hungry youngsters expected, and that for good reasons.
While the Honda Accord was known for its build quality, reliability, and high-revving engines, it wasn’t exactly exciting to drive, thus appealing more to pensioners and taxi drivers.

Coming off as a surprise, the 6th generation brought the Type R-badged Accord following their tested and proven formula with the Honda NSX R.

Easily recognizable as the sportier version, the Honda Accord Type R came with a specific body kit and a tall rear spoiler, while inside, Honda installed Recaro seats.

Like the NSX, the Accord had to go on a diet to be transformed into a rocket. Gone were the sunroof, the air-conditioning, the electric rear windows, and most of the soundproofing.

Not sharing many mechanicals with the regular Accord besides the double-wishbone layout, the Accord Type R was given a strengthened chassis, a stiffer and lower suspension, and 17-inch alloys with brakes carried over from the Honda NSX. But the main focus was naturally at the heart of the Accord Type R: a 2.2-liter VTEC unit with 212 hp, able to rev up to an incredible 8000 rpm.

On paper, the numbers didn’t reveal a monster on wheels, as the Accord Type R took 7.2 seconds to reach 100 kph (62 mph), just 0.8 seconds more than the Mondeo ST with its 168 hp powerplant. But that wasn’t the point.

The story unfolded somewhere around 5500 rpm, where the Accord Type R felt like it was its time to take off. Corners were Accord’s favorite part of the road, where it was just like a fish in the water. It took a truly inexperienced driver to manage to take it out of the road, as the super-fast-sharp steering pointed the car exactly where they wanted it to be.

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