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LINCOLN MKT   2013 2022
2013 2022

The 2013 Lincoln MKT was an evolution of the initial, 2010 model, with new features and new design changes to enhance the vehicle as a mid-life refresh.
The Lincoln SUV lineup was enhanced once more for 2013 and, even if it was based on the Ford Edge’s platform, it featured amenities that were unique to the luxury American brand. The three seating rows were covered with leather and the overall interior appearance was dominated by luxurious items.

The most notable differences were at the grille, which was redesigned. Another feature that increased the comfort and the airy feeling inside the cabin was the fixed-class panoramic roof.

The interior was heavily modified. It could be configured as a 6 or 7 seating position, with middle row individual seats or a bench. The second-row seats could also be heated and cooled. The second-row refrigerator (integrated into the center console) remained a popular option. The all-new instrumentation featured a central speedometer flanked by two full-color LCD screens. The 4.2-inch LCD screens were controlled by five-way buttons on the steering wheel. The 8-inch multi-function LCD touch screen dominated the center stack and provided the visual and control interface for the entertainment system, phone, navigation, and climate control.

The standard engine for 2013 was a more powerful and efficient 3.7-liter V6, which offered an increased power to 300 from 268. The standard transmission was a 6-speed automatic.

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LINCOLN MKT   2009 2012
2009 2012

The concept MKT was shown in 2009, while in 2010 Lincoln started to sell their first full-size crossover utility vehicle.
The MKT was a combination of a luxurious car (of course, it was a Lincoln) and a car designed to suit the needs of a larger family.

Sharing its platform with the Ford Flex, the appearance of the MKT was completely different, not sharing the Flex’s boxy look.

At a first glance, the new Lincoln’s corporate face is given by the freshly redesigned front grille.

At the rear, the MKT got a new spoiler and a dual chrome exhaust.

While the exterior design was nothing out of the ordinary, but yet simple and elegant for a crossover, what was inside the cabin mattered the most.

A word defining the MKT is “roomy”, as the passengers seating in the 2nd row would enjoy a long trip. The 3rd row of seats was mostly designed for a family’s children, with a little less legroom available than in the 2nd row.

The MKT had heated and cooled seats, a nice 8-inch touchscreen display to show Audio information, climate and the view using the backup camera.

A navigation system could be added only with an entire package that also contained a panoramic sunroof, blind spot monitoring system and voice activate navigation - the package was around $4.000.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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