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BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo G32 LCI
BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo  G32 LCI 2020 2022
2020 2022

The fourth generation of the 6-Series Gran Turismo made a good impression in 2017 when it was introduced.
In 2020 BMW announced the facelifted version for it.

The facelift came into the challenging 2020 year with the world pandemic situation when all the countries faced economic difficulties. The 6-Series GT was more the successor of the 5-Series GT rather than the lines of the 6-Series, but following the new naming system from the German car-maker, it had to bear an even number. It was a 5-door hatchback in coupe-style.

Both front- and rear-end shapes were refined to reflect the BMW design language. The clear geometry formed by a small number of lines provided a vivid showcase for the car’s presence. The new kidney grille and headlights made a striking impression. The grille was wider and taller, maybe too big for the car’s front area. The LED headlights with matrix function and non-dazzling high beam were fitted as standard while the laserlight for both beams was offered as an option. The front and rear aprons were re-shaped with narrower and taller side-intakes at the front and integrated exhausts in the back.

Inside, the 6-Series GT offered enough room for up to five passengers and 600 liters (21.1 cu-ft) of trunk space. It was more than the non-facelifted version. The driving post was surrounded by the center stack and the center console, with a tilted touch-screen display placed on top of the dashboard. The instrument cluster featured a complete digital display.

BMW installed new Euro 6d engines under the 6-GT’s hood. All versions were fitted with the 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. It was available with a rear or all-wheel-drive. Power ranged between 190 hp for the base, inline-four, engine and was raised up to 340 hp for the inline-six turbodiesel unit. All versions were fitted with a mild-hybrid system.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo G32
BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo  G32 2017 2020
2017 2020

The BMW 6 Series gained a new member in 2017 with the addition of the all-new 6 Series Gran Turismo which combines the long-distance comfort of a luxury sedan with the aesthetic appeal of a coupe as well as the advantages a hatchback offers.
The front distinguishes through a new bumper with more squareish intakes and a slightly different headlight signature. The rear comes with new stoplights and hatch door. The low-slung silhouette of the new BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo also benefits its aerodynamic efficiency, which has been further improved with a host of other measures. Active air flap control brings additional louvres for the BMW kidney grille, which only open when extra cooling is required. A cockpit tailored to the driver, the extremely generous, variable-use space for occupants and luggage, high-quality design and carefully selected and precisely worked materials provide all the ingredients for superlative driving pleasure, a relaxed travelling experience and unbeatable practicality within a luxurious ambience.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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