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FIAT 124 Saloon 124 Special T
FIAT 124 Saloon 124 Special T  1968 1974
1968 1974

The Fiat 124 was already an appreciated car on the market, but the Italian carmaker knew it could do something more and introduced the Special version in 1968.
Fiat used the older platform from the 1300 model when it built the 124 range. It was based on a new platform and, by moving the gear stick from the steering column to the floor, it improved the driving experience. While its predecessor, the 1300 range, was available with a 1.5-liter unit, the customers expected something more from the carmaker. The answer came two years after the 124 introduction with the launch of the 124 Special.

The carmaker didn’t bother too much with a new design, and the Special version looked almost the same as the regular 124. It shared the same bodywork, fenders, door panels, windows, and roof, but it sported a different front fascia, and flush door handles. It featured double, round headlights instead of single units from the regular 124. The inner lamps were only for the high beam.

Inside, the car was roomy enough for five adult passengers, even though the transmission tunnel was tall on the front side of the vehicle. Fiat installed a standard tachometer on the instrument cluster, favoring spirited driving.

Under the hood, the carmaker installed a twin-cam 1.6-liter engine, which produced 95 hp and, thanks to its five-speed manual gearbox, was able to push the car over 100 mph, which was mandatory for a sport sedan in those times.

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FIAT 124 Saloon
FIAT 124 Saloon   1966 1974
1966 1974

The 124 was one of the biggest commercial successes obtained by Fiat on the market.
It was a simple car, with a modern look and a very good platform. It was built by other car companies under license.

In 1966, Fiat decided to replace the outdated 1300 range, which featured an old design. The 124 work started with a clean sheet and the result was a simple, yet practical design. Its platform was so good that it was the base model for a roadster and a rally car. When the 124 was replaced, the following model, the 131, used the same platform and some of its engines and transmissions.

The exterior look was very simple, with flat surfaces. In the front, the round headlights were united by the same chromed grille with horizontal slats. The Special version (Fiat 124 S) featured a twin-headlights design and flush door handles.

Inside, the car was roomy enough for five adult passengers, even though the transmission tunnel was tall on the front side of the vehicle. The gear-stick was mounted on the floor, replacing the steering-column shifter from the previous Fiat 1300.

Under the hood, the 124 was offered with a choice of five engines ranged from 1.2-liter to 1.5-liter. Most of the engine versions were fitted with a 4-speed manual, while the “Special” 1.5-liter version was offered with a standard 5-speed gearbox. The car featured double-arm front suspension and live rear axle with coil springs.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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