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FIAT 1400
FIAT 1400   1950 1954
1950 1954

The Fiat 1400 was a major turning point for Fiat.
It was the first unibody construction vehicle made by the Italian car-maker and it was offered in two major trim levels: for the masses and for the up-market.

The Fiat 1400 was the first vehicle built by the Italian car-maker which was licensed to be produced by other manufacturers, including the NSU in Germany, Stey in Austria, Zastava in Yugoslavia, and SEAT in Spain.

The Fiat 1400 featured a three-box sedan design, the “ponton” type with the fenders flush to the doors. The incorporated round headlights were a new evolution for that era. In terms of design, the car was well proportioned and with a sloped trunk lid. The filler-cap was inside the trunk so when the car was locked, the gas-tank was safe.

Inside, the car offered room for up to five adults, and, for the upper trim level, it was offered with an onboard radio. The upper trim level, which was introduced in 1952, featured an armrest for the rear seat passengers.

Under the hood, the Fiat 1400 was offered with a choice of three engines. There was a 1.4-liter gasoline unit and 1.9-liter gasoline. The latter was offered exclusively for the higher trim level. A 1.9-liter diesel engine was introduced for the first time in a Fiat personal vehicle. It was offered especially for the cab-companies and in the lower trim level. Another novelty for that era was the hydraulically operated clutch.

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