HUMMER H1 4 Door Hardtop

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HUMMER H1 4 Door Hardtop
HUMMER H1 4 Door Hardtop   1992 2006
1992 2006

The Hummer became famous after Operation Desert Storm with the war between the U.S. and Iraq in 1991. All of a sudden, the American customers asked the carmaker to deliver civilian versions.

There was hardly a brand that could grow that fast in those times. Despite being a completely unpractical civilian vehicle, the H1 gathered a lot of attention from the media and the market. In the ’80s, AM General built the Hummer for the U.S. Army as a multi-purpose vehicle from patrol cars to light armored vehicles, communication centers, or ambulances.

First of all, the car was big. It was the widest vehicle on the market, and the driver needed to know how to deal with that. It looked like a brick with round headlights and a slightly sloped hood to the window lines. The 4-door hard-top pickup version featured a bed in the back big enough good to carry your camping gear and a pair of gloves. Its huge wheels were able to go everywhere unless it was muddy.

Inside the big cabin, there was room for four adults, including the driver. Due to the big center tunnel where a part of the engine and the transmission were placed, it was almost impossible to cross the vehicle from left to right. The driving post was surrounded by a massive part of the dashboard, where the stereo and the AC-controls were installed.

The only available engine was a V8 diesel unit paired to a 4-speed automatic transmission. The all-wheel-drive system was the best part of the car. It featured portal axles on independent suspension. Moreover, the driver could increase or decrease the tire pressure from the driving post.

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