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MERCEDES BENZ C-Klasse Coupe C-Class Coupe C205
MERCEDES BENZ C-Klasse Coupe C-Class Coupe C205 2016 2022
2016 2022

In 2015, at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its C-Class coupe.
It replaced both the CLC, which was more like a three-door premium hatchback. The streamlined design, with frameless doors, made the car look like a convertible with hard-top. The high, ascending, beltline inspires force and performance. Its suspension was lowered by 15 mm (0.6”) compared to the sedan version. For a sportier look, it featured standard 17” light-alloy wheels and 19” as an option.

The Coupe came with H7 halogen headlamps fitted as standard, and two LED variants as options. One with simple illumination and a “LED Intelligent Light System” with Adaptive Highbeam Assist that switched from low to high-beam depending on the traffic ahead.

Inside, a centrally positioned free-standing display was available with 7” as standard and an 8.4” screen available for the COMMAND Online optional unit. An optional head-up display displayed information directly into the driver’s field of vision in front of the windscreen. It displayed the current speed, posted speed limits, navigation instructions, and DISTRONIC messages - depending on the selected settings.

The C-Class Coupe was offered with two gasoline engines with different outputs ranging from 156 hp from a 1.6-liter unit up to a 2.0-liter four-pot engine that offered up to 245 hp. For the diesel, it had a 2.2-liter unit with two power options of 170 hp and 204 hp, respectively. The transmission was standard with a 6-speed manual, or, depending on the engine, a 7-speed or a 9-speed, both with dual-clutch.

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MERCEDES BENZ C-Klasse Coupe C204
MERCEDES BENZ C-Klasse Coupe  C204 2011 2013
2011 2013

Mercedes-Benz decided to cut the 3-door hatchback CLC from its lineup and built a proper C-Class coupe.
In 2011, the German carmaker introduced the C204. It was based on a new platform, unlike its predecessor, based on the same platform as the 2000 C-Class (W203). It was the right answer for its traditional competitor, BMW, which already had a long experience with compact-coupe vehicles.

From the outside, the C204 resembled the W204 facelift due to the oddly shaped headlights and the front end. From the side, the car’s ascending line started at the front and went all the way up toward the back of the vehicle. Its taillights resembled those installed on the previous Mercedes-Benz CLC. Depending on the trim level, the C-Coupe featured an A-shaped lower grille at the front or a V-shaped one.

Inside, the dashboard was similar to the one existing in the C-Class sedan, with an instrument cluster that covered the infotainment screen as well. Mercedes-Benz installed regular seats for the base versions, while the upper trim-levels and the AMG-line ones received bucket-seats with high bolsters. There was room for two adults in the back, but without too much headroom due to the sloped roofline.

Like its four-door sibling, C-Class Coupe featured a choice of diesel and gasoline engines paired as standard with a 6-speed manual. A 7-Speed automatic (dual-clutch) was on the options list or fitted as standard for selected versions.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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