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AUDI 80/ 90 Avant 80 Avant B4
AUDI 80/ 90 Avant 80 Avant B4 1991 1995
1991 1995

It was the last Audi 80.
After that, in 1995, the German car-maker changed the names and the first generation of the A4 was introduced as a replacement for the 80.

The last 80 (B4) was built on the Volkswagen Group B4 platform. It was fitted with galvanized bodywork and offered with a 10 years warranty for rust. Even though it was only a facelift, it was ample. Even the wheelbase was longer than its non-facelifted version.

From the outside, the flat front end with curved lines was a shy try for the Audi designers to go into the design era. They never made it there, anyway. Unlike its predecessor, its grille was incorporated into the hood. The rear was raked, not vertical. It was their interpretation of the station-wagon form, but it wasn’t as raked as on the Audi 100 from the same era.

Inside, the dashboard was the same as the one found in the sedan version. The instrument cluster featured four dials. The speedometer and the tachometer were divided by an area where the warning lights were installed. There were 12 lights on the lower side and a group of four on the upper side. The seats were designed for comfort and the rear bench featured a split 60:40 folding seatback.

The 1991 model was fitted with a choice of gasoline and diesel engines. It was available with front or all-wheel-drive. A 5-speed manual was standard for the entire range while a 4-speed automatic was available at extra cost.

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