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BMW 2 Series Convertible LCI F23
BMW 2 Series Convertible LCI F23 2017 2022
2017 2022

BMW introduced the first generation of the 2-Series in 2013 as a coupe and, a year later, it brought the open-top version.
Both were renewed in 2017.

The BMW 2-Series was, in fact, a re-badged BMW 1-Series with a coupe shape. In the first 1-Series, the coupe was named just 1-Series Coupe. But no, the marketing department decided that all the coupes should wear an even number, so the 1-Series Coupe became a 2-Series, the 3-Series Coupe became a 4-Series and so on. The 2-Series Convertible shared most of its components with the 1-Series, and it received the last update before completely changing the generation in 2019.

Like its closed-version, the convertible featured a mild update on the exterior. Starting with the 2017 model-year, the 2-Series received standard bi-LED headlights with a flat bottom style. As an option, the carmaker offered LED fog-lights as well. In the rear, the L-shaped taillights featured standard LEDs.

A completely redesigned dashboard featured the screen for the infotainment unit on top of the center stack. The center console housed the iDrive rotary knob controller, while the center-stack kept the controls for the HVAC system. The customers could choose between five new upholstery fabrics or from seven different leather designs.

BMW offered the 2-Series convertible with a choice of eight engines ranged between 136 hp and 340 hp. Depending on the engine, the car featured a 6-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic, with rear- or all-wheel-drive.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
BMW 2 Series Convertible
BMW 2 Series Convertible   2014 2017
2014 2017

This is the only premium compact convertible on the market: the 2 Series.
After introducing the 2 Series, not long after it jumped with the open-top version in 2014. The soft-top was added along with some weight and a little bit of charm.

The soft top consists of seven layers of different materials to enhance soundproofing and thermal insulation. It is electrically powered and it goes down in 20 seconds. The good thing is that the car doesn’t look bad with the roof up, as it happens with some convertibles.

Inside, the standard features are interesting, including the iDrive and the navigation system. But the interior layout leaves no doubt that the BMW engineers didn’t care too much about the rear seats, where only children could sit. But if the rear wind deflector is installed, the rear seats are cut out of the question.

Enginewise, BMW installed a range of gasoline and diesel engines, mated either with a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic transmission. The most powerful version is the 6-cylinders M235i which offers 326 hp from a twin-scroll turbo gasoline engine.

But the 2 Series convertible is built for enjoying driving in the open air. So, with the windows up and the top down, the carmaker claims that the occupants can have a decent conversation without the need for yelling to each other. We think they it was about the front occupants.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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