BMW 326

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BMW 326
BMW 326   1936 1941
1936 1941

The BMW 326 Convertible was, basically, the open-top version of a respected two-door sedan, but it was pitted against its brother BMW 327 that was a faster, shorter and lighter vehicle.
That’s why is it so rare.

In 1936, the BMW dared to build its first four-door sedan and it was also offered as a convertible even though in those times the German car-manufacturer had already plans for new open-top vehicles. The convertible version was based on the same chassis as the sedan, which should have to decrease the production costs. But it wasn’t a cheap vehicle and, but due to its quality and comfort, was sold well.

The outside featured flared, big front fenders and, between them, there was a different body for the engine compartment. The big, long hood was opened wither to the rear or via two side panels, An interesting feature was noticed at the windshield. It was split in two and the wipers were mounted on top. Due to this system, the windshield was opened from the bottom and tilted outside.

The chassis had some inspiration from the Citroen Traction Avant, with a torsion bar suspension at the rear and hydraulic braking system, the first to be used on a BMW car. The inline-six engine was of unusual construction, with the aluminum engine block and cast-iron cylinder head. The twin carburetor was an upside-down system and each was feeding three cylinders.

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