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CADILLAC Catera   1997 2001
1997 2001

The badge engineering was not something new for the American companies and similar, or identical, vehicles were offered with different badges.
Such was the case for the 1997 Opel Omega/Cadillac Catera.

The car was designed and produced in Germany and exported with a Cadillac badge on the reshaped grille. It was manufactured according to the specific rules and safety regulations from the IIHS. The car featured a European styling and that, thought the GM management, would steer some buyers from the regular premium-car buyers toward Cadillac. It was the first domestic luxury automaker that attacked the entry-level market.

The rounded corners, raked windshield, and a rounded roof. From the side, chromed wheels were fitted as standard. The taillights were different than those offered for the European market, with a long strip that connected the rear lighting units.

Inside, there was a roomy interior thanks to a long, 2.7-meter (107.5”) wheelbase. The compact V6 engine under the hood allowed a cab-forward construction. The interior featured amenities such as a Bose sound system with a combo-unit of CD and cassette player, power sunroof, and OnStar safety device.

Under the hood, the 3.0-liter unit offered 200 hp and it was mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. The rear-wheel-drive vehicle was advertised as a German autobahn (highway) cruiser that would perform well under hard accelerations and constant high-cruising speeds.

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