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JAGUAR F-Type Convertible
JAGUAR F-Type Convertible   2020 2022
2020 2022

After seven years on the market, Jaguar decided in December 2019 to show the facelifted version of its smallest coupe: the F-Type.
It is offered as a coupe and also as a convertible. And if its first feature would be to look beautiful, the Brits have succeeded to do it.

The revamped Jaguar F-Type has kept the long hood, but slightly modified to be sleeker than before. A wider front grille helps cool the engine better. Maybe when the first F-Type was tested in the UK they had only rainy weather available. But since climate changes, they had to redo this and now the engine will have more air for cooling and breathing.

J-style signatures lamps with DRLs are a striking presence on the road. Headlights are also LED only.

On the inside, things are more 2020, mainly thanks to a new 12.3 screen instrument cluster. On the center console, a new infotainment system with another touch-screen is present. All the driver needs to do is connect the phone to the infotainment system, either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and a new world of functions are going to be available.

With the top down, under shining sun, it will be hard to read it, though. But who cares if you have one of the best sounds V6 engines under the hood and a comfortable automatic gearbox? After all, the F-Type convertible is not about aggressive driving, but about relaxed driving under the open sky.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
JAGUAR F-Type Convertible
JAGUAR F-Type Convertible   2017 2020
2017 2020

After the F-Type Convertible’s initial release in 2013, Jaguar continued to improve the car and made it quicker and more appealing.
In 2017 the British carmaker introduced a facelifted version.

Jaguar was one of the most known roadster carmakers in the U.K. Apart from the new models, it shined in the past with models such as the XK120, XK180, D-Type, or the marvelous E-Type. After it broke the relationship with Ford, Jaguar tried and succeeded to re-link with its past glorious roadsters and introduced the F-Type.

The facelifted version featured a new set of headlights with L-shaped daytime running lights inside. A redesigned grille made its way onto the facelifted version. It featured a horizontal bar and a mesh. The designers installed a new air-intake and a splitter at the bottom and improved air-scoops on the sides for the lower bumper. In the rear, the LED signature lamps enhanced the already beautiful taillights.

Inside, the 2017 F-Type featured lightweight slimline seats, which combined an ergonomically-optimized form with better comfort. Their frames were made out of magnesium alloys, allowing increased seat travel by 8 cm (3.15”). The center console gained three new finishers to differentiate the models in the range: the Jaguar F-Type featured knurled aluminum finish. In R-Dynamic models, the Delta aluminum finisher added a sportive feel. In contrast, R models were differentiated by a Linear Vee aluminum finish with the iconic “R” etched prominently into the surface. A carbon fiber console finisher was available as an option across the range.

Under the hood, the 2017 F-Type featured similar engines as its non-facelifted version and added a 2.0-liter turbocharged unit as a base model.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
JAGUAR F-Type Convertible
JAGUAR F-Type Convertible   2012 2017
2012 2017

Jaguar’s sexy new sportscar will be one of the main talked about cars after it officially bows at the Paris Motor Show.
However, the F-Type’s debut has already been made in a more select location, Musée Rodin in Paris. The car is a two-seater roadster with a fabric roof, simple and elegant, almost timeless in a way. However, there’s no mistaking it for any other Jaguar, because it’s got an angular grille that’s never been used before. “A piece of design should tell a story and this is why every line in the F-Type has a start, a direction and a conclusion”, said the brand’s director of design Ian Callum. “If you approach every line individually and get it as aesthetically correct as possible, get the dimensions right, it will stand the test of time.” The chassis i built from aluminum to save weight, and even the double wishbone suspension has been tailored from aluminum. The interior is unique, as Jaguar describes it as a “one plus one”. The controls, switches and center console are all driver-centric. There’s a swooping handle to the right of the center console which blocks the view of passenger and makes the driver feel couched.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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