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OPEL Kadett 3 Doors
OPEL Kadett 3 Doors   1984 1991
1984 1991

The last generation of the Opel Kadett appeared in 1984.
It was an evolution for the German brand that was successful and allowed the move toward the Astra era.

The mid-’80s were the times when compact hatchbacks were the new trend. Apart from the premium car-makers, every other brand had something to offer. Competing directly against the Volkswagen Golf, the Opel Kadett was the next best thing and, for some, it was the best thing, in front of its German competitor.

The three-door Kadett featured the same shaped single-unit headlights in the front. It was the departure from the mandatory round headlights that every car-manufacturer wanted to get rid of them. The designers gave the car an ascending beltline toward the rear. The rear triangular windows were fixed as standard. An option for front-hinged and compass-opening was available for specific models.

Inside, there was room for five adults. The simple design allowed practical solutions. The front windows were manually activated, while power windows were available as an option. The same went with the rearview mirrors.

Under the hood, the Kadett featured various engines, both gasoline and diesel units. It was available with 4- or 5-speed manual transmission depending on the engine. An automatic transmission was available for selected models. The top-version was the Kadett GSI, a car that successfully competed in the hot-hatch category. The car featured McPherson suspension for the front and torsion beam to the rear.

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