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PEUGEOT 206+ 3 Doors 206+ 3 doors
PEUGEOT 206+ 3 Doors 206+ 3 doors  2009 2013
2009 2013

Peugeot had a bright idea to keep a low-budget car on the market that didn’t look like an econobox and launched the 206+ in 2009.
With an economy still affected by the world financial crisis, Peugeot had to find new ways to get more customers. Also, it had to introduce new vehicles on the market, even though that was very costly. Then, its management came with a perfect idea for those times: the keep the older 206 on the production lines, changed the front face to make it look like its successor, and sell it as a 206+ in three or five-door versions.

At the front, the 206+ carried over the long, swept-back headlights from its younger brother 207. Its hood sported a raised center section resembling the one installed on its siblings, including the first generation of the 308. In a three-door shape, the 206+ also retained the pop-out rear windows from the original 206, which was a helpful feature for a car without air conditioning.

Inside, the 206 sported a unique instrument cluster, different from any of its siblings. Its fuel gauge and the coolant temperature shared the same round dial placed in the middle of the panel, above the LCD for the onboard computer. The dashboard design was simple, and, in the base version, it didn’t feature air-conditioning or an audio system. Basically, it was a vehicle designed for delivery companies. In the back, there was room enough for two adults on the 60/40 split-folding bench.

Under the hood, Peugeot offered a range of three fuel-efficient engines that provided low carbon footprint emissions to avoid special pollution taxes.

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