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Mercedes-AMG E-Class Cabriolet E53 AMG Cabriolet A238
Mercedes-AMG E-Class Cabriolet E53 AMG Cabriolet A238 2020 2022
2020 2022

Mercedes-AMG introduced the convertible version of the AMG E53 Coupe in 2018 but, to comply with the Euro 6d regulations, it had to be refreshed.
That is why the E53 received a facelift in 2020.

The AMG brand started as an independent tuner, specialized for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Over time, the German carmaker acquired the small independent company from Afallterbach and transformed it into an in-house manufacturer as a different brand. The E53 AMG was based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe. But it was more than just a re-badged car.

AMG dramatically restyled the E53 AMG coupe with new, sharp-cut, full-LED headlamps. The powerdomes on the hood amplified the powerful impression. The front apron’s center section was drawn into an A shape and created a larger air intake for the five vertical struts grille. The outer air-scoops featured two transverse slats that were extended to the splitter. In the back, twin oval tailpipes were installed. The soft-top system was kept, even though a hard-top version might have been a better option.

For the interior, the AMG E53 offered a luxurious yet sporty atmosphere. The two displays on the instrument cluster and the multimedia system blended under the Widescreen Cockpit’s joint glass cover. The driver could choose between three AMG display styles: “Modern Classic,” “Sport,” and “Supersport.”

The engine was a twin-turbo, inline-six engine. An air-compressor helped the turbochargers to get to their boost level faster. Also, there was additional help from the EQ Boost starter-generator. Thanks to the 48v electric system, the car had enough juice in the batteries to give the vehicle an extra 16kW (21 hp) and 250 Nm (184.3 lb-ft) of torque when needed. And at any kick down, thanks to the Speedshift TCT 9G transmission, the engine revs up fast.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
Mercedes-AMG E-Class Cabriolet E 53 Cabrio A238
Mercedes-AMG E-Class Cabriolet E 53 Cabrio A238 2018 2020
2018 2020

The AMG started its own lineup, but some vehicles are still based on the Mercedes-Benz models, such as the E53 convertible.
And that was the most powerful E-Class convertible available.

The AMG started to work on the E53 by removing everything from it. When there was nothing left to take out from the empty shell, it started to fill it back up with whatever good things it had around their shop in Affalterbach, the home of the AMG factory. The grille and the front bumper were modified according to the AMG design style with the twin-blade radiator grille in silver chrome, previously reserved for the V8 Performance models.

Inside the cabin, there is a striking view on the dashboard where two gigantic 12.3” screens are installed. Together, these formed a widescreen display that replaced the analog instrument cluster and the general infotainment touch-screen. The HVAC system included 6 air-vents on the dashboard and two air-scarf in the front seats. The air-scarf was made by the Mercedes-Benz and it blows warm air into the occupant’s necks, avoiding the disturbing effects of the draft.

Under the hood, there was an inline-6 engine that had a complex turbocharged system that featured an exhaust gas turbocharger, an electric auxiliary compressor, and an EQ Boost starter-generator. As a result, the 3.0-liter engine reacted spontaneously and provided dynamic response without turbo lag.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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